Frequently Asked Questions - NRIC

Will SAFRA continue to collect and use my NRIC number from 1 Sep 2019?

From time to time, SAFRA will collect, use, or disclose the NRIC number of members / guests when required under the law, or to accurately verify the identity of individuals to a high degree of fidelity.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • SAFRA Membership application
  • Provision of selected membership services, such as SAFRA DBS Credit / Debit Cards, SAFRA Insurance and SAFRA Education Scheme, through external partners
  • Indoor Air Weapons Range license application and membership verification
  • Admission and collection of winnings at The Winners’ Circle

To find out more on our Privacy Policy and how we may use your personal data, please visit

Will NRIC still be used for membership verification?

For various membership verification purposes, your SAFRA Membership ID, or a combination of other personal data such as email address, mobile number, partial NRIC number (last 3 digits and alphabet, e.g. 123A) and date of birth may be used from 1 September 2019 onwards.

How does this affect my login ID for mySAFRA portal accounts and the mSAFRA mobile app from 1 September 2019?

In accordance to the guidelines under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) on minimising usage of NRIC, SAFRA will no longer accept NRIC number as the login ID. In its place, Membership ID or email address registered with SAFRA will both be accepted as the login ID.

Can I continue to use my registered email address as the login ID?

You may continue to use your email address registered with SAFRA as the login ID.

Can I use the same email address for multiple accounts?

No. Email addresses registered with each SAFRA membership account should be unique and owned by the individual to ensure that privileged information sent by SAFRA is not accessible to unintended recipients. This also ensures that members can utilise their unique email addresses as their login ID or as an identifier to access SAFRA services.

Where can I find my Membership ID?

Your Membership ID can be found printed below your name on the (red) SAFRA Membership Card.

For SAFRA DBS Credit/ Debit Cardholders, please note that the number indicated on your card is not your Membership ID. You may login to the mySAFRA account or mSAFRA mobile app where you can find the Membership ID displayed beside your name. We recommend storing your Membership ID for easy reference in future.

What are the benefits of creating a mySAFRA account?

Your online login ID and password are the same for both mySAFRA account and mSAFRA mobile app. The mySAFRA account allows you to access your account using your web browser while the mSAFRA mobile app provides the convenience of accessing your account on the go using your mobile devices.

How do I create a mySAFRA account?

You may register your mySAFRA account at and click on ‘Sign Up For mySAFRA account’.

Where can I download the mSAFRA mobile app?

The mSAFRA mobile app is available for download on IOS App store and Google Play store for Apple and Android users. Visit for more details.