SAFRAPOINTS & Rewards Vouchers

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SAFRAPoints Rewards Programme rewards SAFRA Members for their patronage at SAFRA Clubs and participating merchants

Every $1 spent = 1 SAFRAPoint earned

Every 100 SAFRAPoints is worth $2 in value (equivalent to 2% rebate)

In addition, you can earn DOUBLE SAFRAPoints when you spend during your birthday month!

5 ways to earn your SAFRAPoints

5 ways to earn SAFRAPoints

* Exclude spending made at Slot Machines, purchase of discounted vouchers (such as Treats & Deals Vouchers), payment of car park fees, SAFRA-AIG or SAFRA-AIA Insurance Plans, security deposits, fines, tender deposits and document fees, and fees for lost and damaged cards

Note: If you did not earn any SAFRAPoints  during your transaction(s) at participating SAFRAPoints merchants, please email to with the receipt or document proof to support your claim within 14 days from the date or transaction.

Choose and redeem from a vast array of attractive rewards or use your SAFRAPoints to offset your purchases/payments

SAFRAPoints Redemption


Voucher(s)/ collection letter(s) will be mailed to you within 14 days from the date of redemption.

Before making the redemption, you may wish to confirm your mailing address in our records to ensure that the voucher(s)/ collection letter(s) reaches you.

If you do not receive your voucher(s)/ collection letter(s) after 14 days from the date of redemption, please email us at

For redemption of voucher(s) that are worth $50 or more, members will be informed separately to collect at their preferred SAFRA Club.

For Community Chest Donation (available for redemption through and SAFRA clubs), the tax exemption invoice will be sent to you by Community Chest within 2 months from the date of redemption.