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Dear parents/students, in view of the measures on “Going Back to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)” announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce on 20 July 21 to minimise further spread of COVID-19, all art lessons will be conducted online from 22 Jul to 18 Aug.

Students will be contacted via email. For any enquiries, kindly email

We seek your understanding on the matter.

Thank you.

SAFRA’s First Kids Arts Programme!

With a curriculum designed to encourage creativity and instill confidence in students, Canvas Ark programmes are guided by a team of trained visual art instructors focusing on the 7 Artistic Processes: Inspiration, Imagination, Emotion, Expression, Experimentation, Materiality and Presentation.

This emphasis on the 7 Artistic Processes highlights the balance needed in art; the freedom of perception towards the artistic process and materials used. A wide variety of traditional and modern art mediums, such as drawing painting and clay modeling, are utilised in every lesson to broaden students' creativity and perceptiveness.

At the end of each art session, students are encouraged to share and reflect on their final masterpiece as well as their thoughts behind their art-making process.

Aiming to engage students every step of the way, Canvas Ark looks to develop every student's creativity and self-assurance to discover the joy of communicating through art.


SAFRA Members' Exclusive Promotion (Jul- Aug 2021)

Sign up for Progressive Art Programmes Term 4 at only $86.25 per month.

Material fees included.


Fees for  Term 4 Jul/Aug 21


Promo Fees:

(Inc. of GST)

$172.50 ($86.25 per month)


Usual Price: $345

$212.50 ($106.25 per month)


Usual Price: $425


Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion is limited to the first 100 customers.
  • The promotion ends 31st Jul 21.
  • Registration is required.
  • Payment is required before the start of the first lesson.
  • Term 4 classes will commence 3 (Sat) & 4 (Sun) Jul. 
  • There will be no replacement or refund of programme fees.
  • Lessons are non-transferable. 
  • Not applicable with other promotions. 
  • Canvas Ark reserve the right to cancel the formation of class if the minimum number of students is not confirmed.
  • Canvas Ark reserve the right to amend/append/withdraw terms and conditions without prior notice.

Programme Details

  • Promotion is for Term 4 only Term Calendar
  • Each term has 8 lessons (2 months)
  • For more information on our Regular Programmes click here
  • Programmes are for kids 4-12 years old.



General Terms and Conditions

  • Registration is required for all programmes.
  • Payment is required before start of the first lesson.
  • There will be no replacement of class or refund of programme fees.
  • Course is located at SAFRA Toa Payoh.
  • Canvas Ark @ SAFRA reserve the right to cancel the formation of a class if the minimum number of students is not confirmed.
  • Canvas Ark @ SAFRA reserve the right to amend/append/withdraw terms and conditions without prior notice.

Past Programmes

Season Specials!

GIF-CNY Special Class

Zodiac Painting & Springtime Stitch Cards

Come join us for 2 fun-filled days of art class inspired by the upcoming festive! Click for more details.

Nov - Dancing Lines


Lines are not always straight. We have curvy, wavy, jagged lines, and more! This month our kids will learn about the importance of lines used in artworks. Creating movements on their art pieces and bringing the images to life.

Kids will learn about different types of art mediums each lesson and bring home their masterpieces.

Dancing Lines (Nov)

Oct - Cityscapes


Being city people, we sometimes forget the beauty of our city skyline. In this month's theme, kids will step into night and day cityscapes to create their very own art pieces, exploring the perfect lines and shapes of buildings and the landscape effects. 



Appreciate the true beauty of light in the darkness. Learn about colours, tones, and how contrasting colours can be used to create masterpieces. Experiment with chalk and pastel; kids will be guided to use their fingers to blend colours and create a northern lights winter landscape painting.




Springtime is a wonderful season when plants grow and flowers bloom. Join us this month to appreciate the season’s beauty with watercolor painting. Create a mountain scenery of tulips on canvas, discover the organic shapes and patterns of plants and flowers and transfer them onto paper.

Springtime Class Image.001



This month is all about FOOD! Explore the different textures of fruits and vegetables by creating prints and patterns with paint. Pinch and mold clay and transform them into burgers and fries! Hungry for a pizza? Use your imagination to create your own personalized pizza along with all your favourite toppings.

Food Theme (Jul) Class Image



Diving into the minds of famous artists like Picasso and Andy Warhol. Our students learned a few similar art techniques these artists used in the past to create their masterpieces. They learned to express themselves through art with bold and striking colour like Andy Warhol while also having fun experimenting with new craft materials and was inspired by the colours and the fluidity of Henri Matisse.



Floral and Nature (FEB) Theme Image


Floral and Nature was all about appreciating nature’s wonders. Our kids used natural objects like leaves, flowers, seashells and more to make their crafts. Exploring new ways to make ART!

Floral and Nature Pic 2

Safari Escape Theme Image


Our students discovered a fun and easy way to draw animals using simple shapes and sizes of ovals. They also explored with different mediums like watercolour and acrylic to create a beautiful gradient sunset background. Students get to take home their art piece at the end of every lesson.

Safari Escape Theme Image 2



Outerspace Adventure was the theme for the December school holidays.
Students created beautiful art pieces using watercolour and sea salt and learned to create colourful rocket ships using recyclables found in the comfort of their homes. 
Outerspace Adventure Theme Image 2

Monster Mazes Theme Image 1


Monsters are silly and fun creatures which are a great way for kids to learn more about facial expressions. This month, we got our students to observe how the expressions of monsters in each of their creative minds looked to create an exciting story through art! 
Monster Mazes Theme Image 2

CA christmas carousel-04


(Dec 2020)

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree have a happy holiday! Join us for a 2-day Christmas Workshop and learn to build a snow globe with a frosty snowman and paint a Christmassy tote bag for your friends or family! Complete your Santa’s Holiday Workshop by learning how to wrap a present!


CA christmas carousel-02

Scratch Block Based Coding

(Dec 2020)

Fun-filled coding holiday programme where children will learn the foundational concepts of programming, work towards enhancing creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills and enhance their numeracy and literacy skills using interactive stories, games and aminations with a variety of off-line and on-screen activities.

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