Art Jam

Let your creative juices flow in our Art Jam session! Come along on a solo painting journey with us, and unwind your mind from a hectic day, or use the time to bond with a family member or friend. Freestyle painting is a great way to express yourself and to communicate with the world through colours and strokes.

Acrylic paint, art tools and blank canvases are included to complete your masterpiece.

Each session is 1.5hrs.

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Corporate Art Jam Session

Engage and be motivated as a team. Discover new strengths and have a fun time through art.

Join us at SAFRA first art programme

A curriculum designed to encourage your child to explore their creativity while learning essential art skills.
Specially curated for children 4 to 12 years old.

Children will develop a level of confidence through exposure to art presentations.

Acquire art techniques through interesting and engaging arts programmes.


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