SAFRA Community Services Club (SAFRACS) is a non-profit interest club within SAFRA, with the mission of developing and promoting a sense of volunteerism and social responsibility for NSmen and their families.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience that allows YOU to make a positive impact and contribute back to the community. In SAFRACS, there are numerous opportunities available depending on your interests, skills, and availability.

Take part in our diverse volunteering activities which range from exciting sporting games, exploratory outings, festive celebrations to simple yet intimate home visits. SAFRACS brings meaningful interaction and company to the seniors, children in need and physically impaired members of the community.

We are committed to bringing the community closer and we need YOU to amplify this good cause. Speak with us today to find out more about our monthly activities. Every small act of volunteering will absolutely collectively contribute towards an inclusive nation.


  • Make a difference: Volunteering allows YOU to actively contribute to the community.


  • Personal fulfilment: Volunteering provides an opportunity to engage in meaningful work and for you to see the direct impact of your efforts. Helping others and seeing their gratitude can be incredibly rewarding.


  • Expand your network: Volunteering provides an excellent platform to meet like-minded individuals who share your interests and values. It allows you to build a diverse network of connections, including fellow volunteers, professionals, and community members.


  • Learn about different communities and cultures: Volunteering involves interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and communities.


  • Create social change: Become part of a collective effort to address societal challenges and promote positive changes. Your action will inspire others to be more involved and contribute back to the community.


If you’re keen to give back to the community at large, start with us at SAFRACS by contacting us at tpclub@safra.sg.

Registration is free and open to non-SAFRA members too! All members will receive regular activity updates on a monthly basis and a SAFRA Community Service Club polo tee after participating in three activities.


Terms and conditions apply