Frequently Asked Questions – Making a Transaction


When and where will PayNow be made available?

PayNow will be made available from 22nd March 2022 onwards, and is currently accepted on the following SAFRA applications: mSAFRA mobile and web applications, Treats & Deals and FINS.

How do I make payment using PayNow?

Upon clicking Checkout or Pay on your mobile or desktop, you will be directed to the payment page.

For payment via PayNow, please select the “SGQR” tab and click on the “Pay Now” button in green. A QR code will be generated for you to make payment via your selected banking app (PayNow is supported by 9 local banks in Singapore: DBS, OCBC, UOB, CiTi, HSBC, Standard Chartered, MayBank, ICBC, BOC).

Do note that you will have 10 minutes to complete your payment via your banking app before the QR code expires. Please do not close the browser while the transaction is being processed.

Can I change to Credit Card after selecting PayNow as my initial payment mode?

No. If you wish to change your payment mode to Credit Card, you will have to cancel the payment and restart a new transaction.

Online Payments

Is it safe to make payments/input my personal details on mSAFRA?

Absolutely! mSAFRA uses SSL/password-protected accounts to safeguard the transmission of your personal information over the web. As for monetary transactions, information is protected using a private and secured line to NETS.

What modes of payment may I use on mSAFRA?

We accept PayNow and most major credit cards.

Enrolling in courses/activities

How do I find out about SAFRA courses or activities and sign up for them?

You can log in to mySAFRA and view the calendars for available courses and events. Alternatively, register your details with the SAFRA website and customise your preferences. Your news feed will let you know about events and courses that meet your interests.

I can’t make it for the course/activity! Can I get a refund?

We regret that we are unable to refund fees for courses/activities that you have signed up for. However, please approach the respective officer-in-charge personally if there are special circumstances and we will see what we can do.