Team Sports



Laugh while having a go at Bolla Bolla. Have a bouncing great time with your team, with each member playing in the safe confines of a giant plastic bubble. The game can be customised to suit your needs too. Bounce on!



Kin-Ball could be considered a relatively new activity to Singapore. Unlike most team sports, where your side will play against one another. Kin-Ball is played in three teams of four. Players will working together to hit a large ball (about 1.5 meters in diameter) to another team. The challenge would be working together to prevent the ball from touching the ground. If that team fails to receive the ball properly and the ball touches the ground, the other two teams will score a point.

Tchoukball RESIZED


Here’s a ball sport that will challenge and thrill you at the same time. Tchoukball was designed to be non-contact sport. The key to winning is putting together runs of passes between players before aiming for a target to score points. It’s all about communication between players.

Dodgeball (3)


Learn the value of teamwork and strategy as you try to take down your opponents while avoiding being hit by their balls. With fabric/ foam balls being used, this simple game is safe and fun for both children and adults.

Human Foosball RESIZED


Human Foosball is a twist to the mainstream sport – Soccer. Feel the need to work as a team to push the ball forward to your teammates and having to score while being restricted to moving left and right only. Get ready to laugh at your friends! It will be an enjoyable, entertaining and unique experience for the participants.



Enter the battle zone. This game keeps you constantly on your toes and tests your tactical movements. Winning is simple, you will need plenty of team spirit!

Ultimate Frisbee resized


Not just any game in the park, this sport trains your stamina and agility as you run, leap, throw and catch the flying disc. There’s no better way to feel the breeze in your hair than through a rejuvenating game of Frisbee!

Floor Ball RESIZED


Floorball is a fast-pace indoor sport that combines elements of ice hockey, soccer and basketball in a potent blend. This is a non-contact team sport which will get every player on their feet and their hearts pumping in a safe and competitive environment.