Bowling resized


Strike or gutter! Now, be warned, it is not as easy as it seems. To knock over those pins you will need plenty of skills and perhaps a little luck too.

Escape Game RESIZED


A crime has been committed and you, assuming the role of a renowned detective, has to solve it. Solved each crime mystery within 60 minutes. Your task is to search for clues and piece them together with your team mates. It will be a race against time to unravel and expose the perpetrator.

Electronic Darts resized 2


A refreshing alternative to team building, are you ready to hit that bullseye? Share more laughter and easy fun with your team with electronic darts as a corporate bonding session! With the variety of games available with electronic darts, expect more team bonding over a lively game of darts where age and experience have no limitations!

KTV resized


Boasting comfortable and modern amenities, SAFRA’s karaoke joints are perfect for gatherings, and are designed to make even the quietest croon like professionals!

Lan Gaming resized


These multiplayer games are a great way to coordinate, collaborate and enhance your strategic and decision making skills. The digital simulation is fun, entertaining and educational!

Movie resized


A good ol’ movie screening is never without these two essentials – snacks and great company. Grab your popcorn and catch a movie with your buddies at any SAFRA Clubhouse.

Pool Resized


It may sound serious, but there’s nothing quite as fun as mastering a game that requires the player to have the correct posture, intense concentration and precise execution.