Discontinuation Of MYSAFRA.SAFRA.SG

From 29 Jul 2021, the mSAFRA app and m.safra.sg website will be our one-stop service platforms to manage your account, book facilities, register for activities, redeem SAFRAPOINTS and more.

mySAFRA portal desktop version (mysafra.safra.sg) will no longer be in service and you will be automatically redirected to m.safra.sg website - whether you are on desktop or mobile* - to continue your browsing and transaction as per normal. 


*Users who had accessed mySAFRA portal desktop version (mysafra.safra.sg) on mobile were already redirected to m.safra.sg website by default. 


1. Are my login details still the same?

Yes, the login details of your mySAFRA account will remain the same and can be used to log in to m.safra.sg. You can either use your SAFRA Member ID or email address to log in.

2. What is the difference between mysafra.safra.sg and m.safra.sg

Both platforms offer the same online services.

mysafra.safra.sg is the desktop version, while m.safra.sg is the mobile version. As more users are now on mobile, SAFRA will continue to maintain and improve its mobile platforms. 

3. Can my dependents (child, spouse) use m.safra.sg too?

Like mysafra.safra.sg, as long as your child or spouse has a mySAFRA account, they will also be able to access m.safra.sg.

Do take note that while dependent members may browse, access and/or use any of the services through the use of the mySAFRA account, no user may make any transactions online unless he is at least eighteen (18) years of age. For more information, please view Terms of Use, Section 12. 

4. I was able to access mysafra.safra.sg as a non-member. Would I be able to access m.safra.sg as well?

Yes, the access rights for non-members remain the same regardless of the platforms mentioned above.

However, do note that non-members will only be able to access selected services (such as managing your account, registering for events that are available at a public rate or not exclusive to SAFRA members, book selected facilities at a public rate, or subscribe to the NSman newsletter). For more information, please view Terms of Use, Section 8. 

5. Will the transactions, such as facility booking or event registration, I made on mysafra.safra.sg be affected?

Do not worry, it will not be affected. Regardless of whether the transaction was made on mysafra.safra.sg or m.safra.sg, it is logged onto our central system. 

6. Does it mean that I cannot access SAFRA’s online services on my desktop computer and must use a mobile device?

m.safra.sg is optimised for mobile devices, but you can still access m.safra.sg on your desktop computer and perform transactions as per normal. 

7. What can I do to ensure that I access the correct platform.

Users will be redirected to the correct platform i.e. if you go to mysafra.safra.sg, you will be redirected to m.safra.sg automatically. 


You can save the web domain m.safra.sg. We would also advise you to add it to or update your web browser bookmarks for greater convenience.

8. I would like to provide my feedback for m.safra.sg.

We value your feedback and you can send to them us via m.safra.sg/feedback