T.E.A.M. Student Care

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SAFRA Yishun

T.E.A.M. Student Care pledges to be a student-centered organization by creating a supportive learning environment that provides various relevant opportunities for the students that can help to promote academic, emotional, and physical growth.

To do so, T.E.A.M. Student Care pledges to be on a journey with the students and parents to coach and nurture every unique child into well-rounded individuals who are confident, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners.

With their play-based curriculum that is centered around coaching, T.E.A.M. Student Care's vision is to empower the students to acquire knowledge and skills that will support them throughout their life and shape them to become leaders of tomorrow by practising the core values of T.E.A.M: Teamwork, Kindness and Love

At T.E.A.M. Student Care, we aim to provide ample opportunities for students to work in teams so that we can develop their social skills for them to acquire important skills such as communication skills, active listening and effective speaking which are stepping stones to their success in the future. T.E.A.M. aims to support our students by providing relevant real life scenarios experience to prepare our students to become lifelong learners who are able to effectively deal with challenges and conflicts.

What they provide: 

  • Student Care
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Holiday Programs

SAFRA Members and Affiliated Members' Benefit

  • 5% discount on student care monthly fees for SAFRA members & affiliated members
  • Waiver of registration fee for siblings (2nd child).
  • Waiver of full-day care surcharge for siblings (2nd child).