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Premium Student Care

PlayFACTO school equips students with a strong foundation for lifelong learning by enabling students to be excellent thinkers, innovators and problem solvers. With these valuable life skills, students gain an increased capacity to learn effectively both academically and strategically. 

Specially designed nature-themed centers by inhouse architects create a calming environment for increased mental focus during curriculum time and further nurtures learning. Smaller class ratios ensure that all students receive personalised student-teacher attention during homework assistance periods.

The healthy and nutritious meals supplied by PlayFACTO School’s very own halal certified industrial kitchen are of utmost quality and freshness; containing no MSG. PlayFACTO School further ensures that the meals provided for students are rotated on a daily/weekly basis, to introduce children to various cuisines and tastes from all around the world.

Coding & Robotics

PlayFACTO School’s award winning Coding & Robotics Enrichment Programme has been carefully crafted, merging years of experience in high-quality STEM education and toolkits, enabling young students to learn and apply coding and robotics principles into the world around them. Our Coding & Robotics programme modules are specifically created to enable young students to become inventors, learning to innovate and fulfilling their curiosity to problem-solve through computational thinking. Our series of robust modular units, together with a design thinking process, stimulates curiosity and develops communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, applicable in the real world.

Creative Math

PlayFACTO School’s award-winning Creative Math Enrichment Programme, co-developed with Korean education experts subscribes to experiential learning, whereby the natural curiosity of the preschoolers is supported by a hands-on manipulative-orientated approach. This helps learners develop a strong foundation for creative thinking and problem-solving at an early age.

It is designed to help young minds see mathematical connections in everyday life and develop their cognitive abilities. We know that young children learn best through play and exploration, and the use of games and manipulatives to explore and familiarise them with the latest math concepts. Through experiential learning, children cultivate the ability to think independently and acquire important problem-solving skills to help them set a strong foundation for Primary School.

With reference to the curriculum for primary schoolers, the curriculum is broken down based on school levels to help them apply these learning tools during lessons in school. The Creative Math Enrichment programme is offered to students aged 3-10 years old.


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