The Commitment to Defence (C2D) Programme aims to strengthen National Education (NE) efforts through tapping on suitable members of the Singapore Armed Forces Veterans' League (SAFVL) and Operationally Ready National Servicemen as volunteers, to engage and inspire the younger generation of Singaporeans, and strengthen community support for defence and security.

This was one of the recommendations made by the Committee to Strengthen National Service set up in 2013 to examine how the NS system could be strengthened for the future, to better serve Singapore and Singaporeans.

These volunteers – known as Commitment to Defence Ambassadors – comprise primarily Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) veterans and NSmen who have served their military service with distinction, lived through significant historical events or participated in key military operations.

The C2D programme started in 2014 with the appointment of 49 C2D Ambassadors. At engagement sessions with target audiences such as SAF active servicemen, NSmen, school students, and the community, the C2D Ambassadors share their personal stories and experiences. These include key moments of Singapore's history and first-hand insights into peace support operations and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions at both regional and international levels.

The C2D Programme reaches some 19,000 students, active servicemen, and NSmen yearly.

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