15M Sports Climbing Rock Wall


Team Building Team Learning (T.B.T.L) is our appointed service provider to manage the 15m Sports Climbing Rock Wall. They specialize in customising adventure programmes for a wide range of clients.

All climbers who wish to patronise the 15m Sports Climbing Rock Wall must comply with the following:

  • All climbers must be certified Singapore National Climbing Standard (SNCS) Level 1 and above to use the facilities.
  • All climbers are to make payment over at SAFRA Yishun Customer Service Counter (CSO) before booking your slots at the SAFRA Adventure and Sports Centre (SASC) office managed by T.B.T.L.
  • All climbers are to show proof of booking confirmation or Climb Pass (CP) and present it to the T.B.T.L staff at SASC.
  • Appointment to be made minimum 3 days in advance and any cancellation less than 24 hours notice will be counted as 1 climb slot per pax.

TBTL flow


Per-Visit Rates

SAFRA Adventure Club Member $10.90
SAFRA Member $13.06
Guest / Public $18.01

Climb Pass Rates

Membership Type Climbers Pass
(10 visits)
Savers Pass
(20 visits)
SAFRA Adventure Club Member $65.40 $109.00
SAFRA Member $87.20 $152.60
Guest / Public $130.80 $218.00

Operational Checks & Conditions

  • The following documents must be provided for verification:
    1.  Photo Identification (Identification Card, Passport, or Driving License)
    2.  Valid SNCS Certification Card Level 1 and above
    3.  Booking confirmation email or a valid Climb Pass (CP)
  • T.B.T.L staff at SASC will verify the climber with photo identification and check the validity of SNCS Certification Card. Verification will be done under CCTV surveillance, and staff will take a photo of the climber's SNCS Certification Card to be uploaded into T.B.T.L's Google Drive. Once verified, staff will return both Identification Card and SNCS Certification Card to the climber.
  • Climbers will be asked to read and sign the digital indemnity form prior to climbing.
  • T.B.T.L on-duty staff will assess and check that the climber's equipment is in good condition before climbers can step into the climbing zone. Equipment must be recognised commercial products designed for sports climbing and standards approved by CE, UIAA, or EN.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times in the climbing zone. No barefoot climbing or open-toed sandals are allowed.
  • New climbers will be required to demonstrate their belaying proficiency to the on-duty staff by showing the 5-steps belay technique. Experienced climbers may also be asked to demonstrate the 5-steps belay technique.
  • No self-belay is permitted.
  • On-duty staff have the right to reject or stop any climbers from proceeding if climbers fail to comply with any of the conditions stated above.
  • Climbers who refuse to comply with any instructions from staff will be asked to leave the premises.

Operating Hours

Mondays Closed for maintenance*
Tue - Thu / PH By appointment only. 
Contact T.B.T.L via their instagram (@tbtl_sg)
Fri - Sun 9am - 1pm (Session 1)
2pm - 6pm (Session 2)

*T.B.T.L will conduct maintenance, including cleaning and safety checks, of the 15m Sports Climbing Rock Wall every Monday.

Last Climb:

Fri - Sun 12.30pm (Session 1)
5.30pm (Session 2)