The Local Food Sustainability Series by SAFRA Entrepreneurs' Club


Dear participants, 
Thank you for attending the webinar series organised by the SAFRA Entrepreneurs' Club on 25 and/or 26 Jul 2020! 

We hope that you enjoyed those sessions, and if you have further questions for our panelists, drop us an email and we will do the link-up. 

Each session’s slides and highlight video are appended below. 
(A shortened and edited version of the webinar proceedings is published as requested by the speakers.)

May we also invite you to complete the survey for each session that you’ve attended, to help us improve on the subsequent webinars.
Thank you and we hope to see you at our next webinar!

Session 1

The Local Urban Farming and Agri-Entrepreneurship Movement

Session 2

Singapore's Urban Farmers-Contributing to the Local food Supply

Session 3

From Traditional To Urban Farms