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 Pororo Refridgerator 200x200
Pororo Baby Refrigerator

With more than 30 food and beverage items and miscellaneous products for you to store in the refrigerator, it’ll effectively teach your young ones how to organize and clean up after themselves.

– 1 Baby Refrigerator with retractable drawer & 2 doors
– 30 Food & Beverage Items
– 3 Ice Cubes
– 1 Cup
– 1 Ice Dispenser
(Does not require batteries to operate)

(Org. Price: $79.90) 
pororo ice cream 200x200
Pororo Ice Cream Store Play

With cute Pororo audio speeches and melody, your little one can have role-playing fun that is more realistic! Find the ice cream store stocked up with various Pororo & Friends themed flavours stored in a display window. Get your desired flavour with the Pororo ice cream scoop and choose to have it from a cone or in a cup!

– 1 Ice Cream Stand
– x1 Retractable Drawer for cone/cup storage
– x8 Ice Cream Flavours
– x1 Ice Cream Scoop
– x8 Ice Cream Toppings
– Pororo & Friends Melody
– Pororo Audio Speech

(Org. Price: $69.90)
 Archery 200x200

Pororo Archery Set
Be the next Robin Hood with our Pororo Archery Set! Aim, shoot and score with this incredibly hot-selling play set that will leave your kids running around in excitement!

– x1 Pororo Bow
– x5 Arrows
– x1 Pororo Arrow Carrier
– x1 Score Board

(Org. Price: $34.90)
Pororo & Friends Kami Car Collection

Meet Pororo & Friends as vehicles! The adventurous bunch is ready to set off for a day of great fun.

Selected Designs of Pororo & Friends Kami Cars
15 Nov 2021 to 12 Dec 2021:
Tutu, Pororo, Crong, Tong Tong
Kami Cars- Pororo Tutu Crong Tongtong 15 Nov - 12 Dec 200x200
13 Dec 2021 to 16 Jan 2022: Pororo, Harry, Rody, Petty
Kami Cars- Pororo Harry Rody Petty 13 Dec - 16 Jan 200x200
17 Jan 2022 to 13 Feb 2022: Pororo, Poby, Loopy, Eddy
Kami Cars- Pororo Poby Loopy Eddy 17 Jan - 13 Feb 200x200

– Weighted and durable
– Die-cast vehicle
– Fast and smooth wheels
– Perfect size that fits children’s hands perfectly

– x1 Die-Cast Vehicle

Product Size: 5 x 3 x 3.5cm
Packaging Size: 8 x 5 x 10.7 cm
Weight: 57g 

$7.95 per car
(Org. Price: $9.90)
 pororo bubble 200x200
Pororo Bubble Wand
Blow lots of bubbles with Pororo bubble wand! Just dip the large wand into the bubble stick, wave the wand in the air and watch as large bubbles fly into the sky!
(Org. Price: $5.90)
Pororo Non Slip socks 200x200
 Socks (Non-Slip)
$3.50 per pair
(discount not applicable for socks)

*SAFRA Punggol reserves the right to replace them without prior notice.