Use NS55 Credits to pay a complete term's course fees to enjoy $50 Off for first term

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LCentral is a reputable and affordable premium English enrichment provider catering to students from Nursery 1 to Primary 6.

LCentral provides a complimentary English Proficiency Assessment as an opportunity for you to gain insights into your child's literacy development and for LCentral to assess your child's specific learning needs. 

  • Foundations (suitable for N1 and N2 students)  – Foundations develops English language skills by honing and expanding on fundamental early literacy development.
  • LaunchPad (suitable for N2 to K2 students)  – LaunchPad enhances your child’s pre-reading skills, which are essential to them becoming confident and independent readers.
  • LiftOff Learn-to-Read (suitable for K1 to P2 students)  – Training students to become independent readers, LiftOff is a complete literacy programme that builds on the pre-reading skills taught in LaunchPad and focuses on the mastery of reading.
  • LiftOff Primary Practice (suitable for K1 and K2 students)  – Preparing students for Primary One through active participation in structured lessons that focus on skills development, students learn spelling rules, grammar concepts, guided writing and oral communication skills, empowering them for primary school success.
  • Success Stage 1 (suitable for P1 to P3 students)  – Training students to be exam smart, Success Stage 1 focuses on all MOE curriculum requirements for Primary 1, 2 and 3, developing independent and proficient communicators.
  • Success Stage 2 (suitable for P4 and P5 students) - Training students to be exam smart, Preparation for PSLE prepares Primary 4 and 5 students for the PSLE through a strategically-designed methodology and in-depth language activities.
  • Success Stage 3 (suitable for P6 students)  – Empowering students to excel, PSLE Success teaches students high-level English language communication skills while giving them exam practice strategies for competently and confidently sitting the PSLE exam.
  • CreativeWriting (suitable for P1 to P6 students)  – Creating exceptional writers, CreativeWriting is an all-inclusive narrative writing skills programme that develops in students a greater sense of language awareness and trains them in the fundamentals of writing impressive compositions.

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Use NS55 Credits to pay a complete term's course fees to enjoy $50 Off for first term.

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  • Download the LifeSG app to use your NS55 credits. NS55 credits can be used at merchants that accept scan and pay via PayNow UEN or NETS QR from 1 Jul 2022.
  • Valid on 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023.
  • Only eligible for new sign-ups.
  • Full course fees range between $585 to $650.
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