Real Yoga

MF 965 x 525 px

Real Yoga Studio's journey to advocate Yoga in Singapore began in 2008, embracing the idea of practicing and teaching "Yoga From The Heart." This guiding principle shapes the approach of all the teachers and staff, who are passionate and dedicated to delivering authentic Yoga experiences. Real Yoga Studio also prioritizes the well-being of its members, valuing their Quality of Life alongside their Yoga Practice. Building strong connections, the teachers and staff make it a point to know most members by name, fostering a sense of belonging and creating a second home for their practice.

At Real Yoga Studio, Yoga is not merely a passing trend, but an essential part of life. In line with this belief, the studio has developed its own unique approach known as the 4 Pillars, ensuring that Yoga is accessible to all who step through its doors. Real Yoga Studio invites individuals to embark on their Yoga journey and experience the transformative power it holds within.

SAFRA Members Benefit:
1 free class per month, total worth $45.00

Session pass for SAFRA Members:

  • 10 sessions: $250.00 (UP: $300.00)
  • 20 sessions + 3 FREE classes : $500.00 (UP: $550.00)
  • 50 sessions: $900.00 (UP: $1,000.00)

  • For more information, please contact 62585118.